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Workshops Offered In 90 mins, 1/2 day or 1 day 

How To Overcome Procrastination

Do you find procrastination a problem? What could it be costing you? How does it affect your relationships, work and business? 

We will assist you in making that breakthrough, so that you will have tools and strategies to be able to overcome procrastination, become more effective in the work place and experience better relationships 

How To Stop People Pleasing

Do you find yourself putting others first before yourself? Is it affecting your relationships in and out of work? What is it costing you in terms of self esteem and happiness?

We will assist you by delivering a workshop to re-valuing yourself and making your life a priority, still helping others, but starting with yourself. You will learn the best tools and techniques to make this breakthrough. 

How To Increase Productivity

What can a lack of productivity do for your career and business? What can it do fo your stress levels? During this workshop you will learn how to self manage, self priorities tasks and increase your productivity like never before.

How To Improve Attitude 

Attitude is king. When a person meets you, the first thing they experience is your attitude. In life, business and careers, attitude really is everything. Learn tools and strategies which can help you gain and understanding of how you are, how others behave around you and how attitude re-adjustment could lead you a new level in life and business.

How Increase Self Confidence 

Confidence is the foundation for life and business. It starts from within, and starts with increased self awareness and increased self monitoring . We will teach you the fundamentals of change, how to boost self confidence and  how to maintain it.

All workshops come with handouts and 'homework'!

The workshops are designed to be fun, educational and transformational.

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